Nino Oliveri is a freelance photographer and video maker who now lives in the ancestral island of Levanzo, Egadi Islands, off the West coast of Sicily.

He holds a degree in Politics and International Relations from Lancaster University (UK) and a Masters Degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London (UK).

He begun working as a photojournalist in 2003 in Central America and Latin America where he lived until 2011 covering events in Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras and Argentina. The main focus of his work during these years has been that of Indigenous Peoples’ rights and Women’s rights in the Latinamerican continent.

In 2010 whilst in Buenos Aires, Argentina he founded Itinerante Compagnia, a Photography, Film and Theatre Company based in. In 2012 Itinerante engaged in an International tournée across Uruguay, Argentina and Italy and Switzerland, with the photographic and theatrical project (Rebel Women).

Over the past decade his work has appeared in a number of International publications, books, and video documentaries. He has collaborated amongst others with La Jornada (Mexico), Il Fatto Quotidiano, Il Manifesto, Carta, La Sicilia (Italy), Le Monde Diplomatique (Poland), Semanal El Periodico, Gara, Periodico Diagonal, Setze de Marc, (Spain), The Al Jazeera Network (USA).

He is currently enjoying shooting Landscapes.

He is available for commisioned work worldwide.